Romy is a web application that allows you to read, annotate, handle, store, transfer the Biopsy, perform statistical analysis and archive your biopsy.

The platform has two modes: light mode and dark mode


......Image Control

We must be able to measure the size of a tumor, draw on the biopsy, make circles, rectangles or arcs. We must be able to change the color of the line, rectangle, circle or arc.


We must be able to select the areas of tumors or mitosis, Save favorite images, or tag them


Save the image in the format you want: PNG, JPG, SVS, BIF etc …, Take a screenshot or share the image with another person

......Artificial Intelligence

The object is to automatically detect the mitoses on the images and to record the result on a csv or an excel. we must also be able to detect the contours of tumors


This page allows you to write a report. It is a simple page that allows you to fill in the fields and tick fields. The result is saved in a csv or excel file.

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Statistics and data analysis

When mitoses are detected on the images, these results are saved in an excel or csv file. Then this file and result must be used in this page to calculate averages, graphs and tests

History page

This page includes several things:



Choose the history of the analyzes, with columns concerning the analyzes the name of the doctor, share with another user Find a user to share or invite a user.

We can add a note to the user with whom we share the image. We have a second option that allows you to search the history of images by the date of diagnosis, the name of the patient, the name of the tumor, the image number, and the file number.

Dark Mode

Light Mode