Romy is a web application that allows pathologists to read, annotate, manipulate, store, transfer the biopsy, perform statistical analysis and archive your biopsy. It also allows collaboration with a second pathologist – which is done directly via the platform. It is no longer necessary to send the biopsy by mail for a second opinion. Romy also allows for literature searches (when rare tumors are to be presented for training purposes), statistics, econometrics and visualization.
An internal messaging system allowing a simplified connection of health professionals, and you can also add your contacts and co-analyze more easily.

EVNA is a social network that allows people to look like people in order to fight effectively against cancer. It allows doctors to post information, stories or advice to better fight against cancer. Patients can also share news of their illness with friends and loved ones, or make an appointment with a doctor. Associations and caregivers can also use EVNA to support people with cancer or share information

MAI is a revolutionary mobile device which enables the first phase of breast cancer diagnosis
tobe carried out. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, ulstrasound and high precision mathematical
calculations, Mai enables general practitioners, pharmacists, dispensaries to diagnose breast
cancer. A chatbot integrated into Mai allows you to be informed of symptoms and receive
recommendations.It also allows the management, transfer and storage