🧵1/CDC ACIP now recommends adding 2-3 dose mRNA primary series to childhood immunization schedule for all kids 6 months to 18 years old. This does not a take into account previous #covid infection, or appropriate myocarditis risk.


Yesterday we hosted a #COVID bivalent #boostershot clinic at our South Cove Apartments. We administered 100 shots to the residents, providing each of them with an extra layer of protection against #COVID19. #Thankyou to everyone that helped make this a successful clinic!


It’s October 20th 2022 and One of my patients asked me “is it OK to pull my mask down to dab my fingers so that I can open those pesky produce bags at the grocery store.”

#cdnpoli #TrudeauCorruption #TrudeauMustResign #COVID

New issue released from #Ethnicity & #Disease on global and rural health disparities #research using bi-directional approaches for global health efforts. Check out other research on #COVID-19 attitudes, barriers to vaccine and impact on reproductive health.

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