Héphaïstos is a French company specializing in medical imaging applied to the histological diagnosis of cancer. The company has developed a universal viewer, and breast cancer diagnostic aid software for biopsy.

The Pathologist is confronted daily with a set of examinations whose characteristics differ and must summarize them in order to make his diagnosis. With the Death of Pathologist, the need to adapt the job tools to the needs of digitalization, and due to the increase in biopsies, the universal viewer offers flexibility in the analysis and treatment of the biopsy, separating from monoscanner dependency. The decision aid software saves time by detecting the histological type of a tumor.

The universal viewer allows laboratories and anatomy pathology services to read their digital slides, write an account and be able to work from home.

Multivac also makes it possible to annotate the biopsy, to save the image in the desired format.

The second Multivac plus AI software – also available – offers decision support functions and digital slide annotation. This software helps in decision-making thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

When laboratories or pathology departments (within hospitals) purchase scanners, they must also purchase a viewer (which is often chargeable). This creates another problem: if the scanner is changed, they should plan to purchase another viewer compatible with the new scanner.

With our solution, we enable pathology laboratories and departments to read all types of scanned biopsies.

Now the pathologist can simply scan a slide and visualize it quickly, rather than using the time-consuming microscope. We are then in an approach of saving time.