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Héphaïstos is a medical imaging software design company created in September 2019 that participates in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of health. Hephaistos, through artificial intelligence, aims to make cancer screening easier and simpler.


We were quickly able to benefit from the recognition of the digital world. Indeed in December 2019 and February 2020, the project led by Hephaistos was recognized as innovative and rewarded in the “Startup contest” – competition placed under the high patronage of the President of France – Emmanuel Macron – and during the “Dreaminnov’.

Héphaïstos has a range of three products:

Evna: the social network bringing together all the players involved in the fight against cancer (this goes from doctors to associations fighting against cancer)

Romy: the universal viewer which allows Pathologistes to discover the structure of a biopsy, to do documentary research, statistics and visualization. This tool is intended for pathologists

Mai: the first mobile device in the world to carry out the first phase of breast cancer diagnosis in clinic, general medicine and sickbay



A universal viewer that works with artificial intelligence, and which allows several things: pathologists to consult the entire slide whatever the scanner used, teams to research to discover the mitotic scanning of a biopsy, to make cell quantification independently, to write the Report of the analysis, to continue the analysis with graphic tools and visualization, to store and archive the biopsy, to be able to request a second opinion, to facilitate collaborative work and to search for rare tumors for training purpose


Evna is a cancer social network. This brings together communities in the fight against cancer (Doctors, Patients, Associations)


May carry out the first phase of breast cancer diagnosis. This box works with ultrasound and Artificial Intelligence. How it works, thanks to medical ultrasonography to produce imaging of breast. It can be either a diagnostic or screening purpose. Then, Artificial Intelligence will detect anomalies in the image and sign. May also make it possible to store the images, to have a follow-up of the diagnostics


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