Héphaïstos is a medical imaging software design company created in September 2019 that participates in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of health.

Héphaïstos, through artificial intelligence, aims to facilitate and simplify cancer screening.

Héphaïstos offers two products to meet two needs that pathologists may experience in their work.

The first solution allows laboratories and anatomopathology services to read their digital slides and write the report.

Multivac also makes it possible to annotate the biopsy, to save the image in the desired format.

The second Multivac plus AI software – also available – offers decision support functions and digital slide annotation.

When laboratories or pathology departments (within hospitals) purchase scanners, they must also purchase a viewer (which is often chargeable). This creates another problem: if the scanner is changed, they should plan to purchase another viewer compatible with the new scanner.

With our solution, we enable pathology laboratories and departments to read all types of scanned biopsies.

Now the pathologist can simply scan a slide and visualize it quickly, rather than using the time-consuming microscope. We are then in an approach of saving time.