Héphaïstos aims to provide answers to one of the major problems in cancer screening: the shortage of pathologists. In both developing and developed countries, pathologist shortages create overwork, and can affect pathologists’ performance.
For example, in France, we have 2.2 pathologists per 100,000 inhabitants. In sub-Saharan Africa, there is a pathologist for millions of people.
Héphaïstos is the first French company to develop clinical-grade Artificial Intelligence tools for the pathologist. With Artificial Intelligence, health data and clinical expertise, we will propel cancer care with more powerful and effective tools for diagnosis, treatment selection.

Our short-term strategy is to provide a series of modules that allow pathologists to improve the scalability of their work, and thus provide better care at a lower cost.

Our medium-term strategy is to develop a cancer information site to better inform and guide individuals.

Our long-term strategy is to design a portable diagnostic case that incorporates computer x-rays that allow individuals to perform the first phase of cancer screening.