Héphaïstos is a medical imaging software design company that aims to help pathologists make diagnostic decisions faster and more informed in cancer screening.

Héphaïstos, through artificial intelligence aims to provide an answer to one of the main problems of Pathology in the world: the dearth of pathologists. In both developing and developed countries, the dearth of pathologists leads to an increased workload affecting the performance of pathologists and the time it takes to report examinations. The increase in the number of samples to be analysed is a consequence of the chronic progression of the cancer disease, which requires the need for sequential samples aimed at theranostic in order to adapt the new targeted therapeutic strategies.

On the other hand, in the world, there is an unequal distribution of pathologists according to the continents, in France we have 2.2 pathologists per 100,000 inhabitants, while in sub-Saharan Africa, a pathologist serves millions of people.

This unequal distribution of pathologists only reinforces the unequal chance of healing of patients; screening cannot be done according to the same characteristics. Héphaïstosts’ approach can also help to bridge this inequality.

Our short-term strategy is to provide a series of histopathological analysis modules, particularly in breast pathology, that will enable pathologists to improve the quality and performance of their activity.  In the medium term we will develop a series of cytopathological analysis modules to enable cytologists and cytologists to improve the analysis of their samples in the context of large-scale cancer screening.

Our medium-term strategy is to provide a series of modules to enable cytologists to improve the scalability of their work. This allows for better care at a lower cost.

Our long-term strategy is to develop prognostic tools that integrate computer pathology with electronic health records, genomics and other clinical data to provide clinicians with layers of information to better optimize patient care.